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Vigna Rocchetta | Cheese Tasting


ur chef prepared

meals package gives every guest the freedom and ease to create wonderful Italian meals using the professional grade cooking equipment installed at Vigna Rocchetta. All the locally sourced ingredients are prepared by a local chef, stocked in the kitchen, and all you need to do is follow
the printed recipe and method for a fantastic gourmet dinner party success.


hannel your inner

chef and wow the other guests by using techniques such as sous vide, this technique
utilises precise temperature control and our precision cooker ensures that your food is of restaurant quality every time!


Create indulgent foams with our spuma bottles, delicately smoke dishes with our
smoking gun, and use every tool in our kitchen such as the powerful induction hob, combi steam oven, Kitchenaid mixer, and everything else you need to prepare
the highest quality home cooked meals.


f you don't fancy

the fun of cooking for yourself and would prefer to relax, our chef prepared meals can
be delivered to your door and all you need to do is heat and serve with a choice of bottle from our Luxury Wine Rack - Buon Appetito!

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