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Vigna Rocchetta | Move to Italy

I love black truffles. I love white truffles.

Piedmont is the land of the truffle.  No, not the chocolate kind but the delicious, precious and intense white and black truffle. Set out alongside a professional truffle hunter and his four-legged friend in search for one of finest products in Piedmont. This is truly an exciting experience.

Take part in an ancient practice that dates back as far as the 1600’s as you forage through ancient leafy green forests in search of a delicious treasure; the truffle.

The hills, lush forests of Piedmont are the perfect climate for these intensely flavoursome fungi, though you may have some trouble finding these uniquely fragranced treasures, as they are so well camouflaged on the forest floor, so we have enlisted some help to guide you through you treasure hunt and you wander through the beautiful leafy countryside.

Our Unique Truffle Hunting Experience ensures you and your party are in the middle of the action as you join our friendly and professional expert truffle hunter and his specially trained four-legged friend.

You will forage through the undergrowth as the dog uses his keen

nose to sniff out the truffles which are hidden underground. Learn all about truffles and their rich, aromatic past during your search before going back to the hunters cantina for a wine and food  tasting experience. 

Our truffle hunting experience is subject to the season as each truffle grows at a different time of year. Pair the Unique Truffle Hunting Experience with Vigna Rocchetta’s Private Chef Experience for a real feast for the senses as you ask your chef to prepare dishes using your freshly picked truffles.

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